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The taste and the photography. Km 4000: 1150 Km between Genova and Bari

After having cycled for three months in Italy, when we got to Albania with the Bari-Durazzo ferry, we were thinking about the chemical stimulation that the TASTE is provoking in us. And we agreed in defining “Taste” as a photography of a very specific moment. To remember (o perceive) again a taste is bringing us back to a specific situation of the past. Also of many years back! Same as watching a photo. We have to admit that in Italy we were shooting so many of those “photos” that we runned out of films! We managed to get fatter even cycling 1150 km!! 🙂

Even though we can’t make you taste the hundreds of dishes that we enjoyed during the three months, we can show you some digital images that includes some (of the many) memories. Enjoy your meal!! 😛


Sestri Levante – Liguria

San Gimignano

Napoli e la sua gente

Don’t burn our dreams, help us to make it happen

Unexpected encounters….

Derailleur broken….pushing the bike uphill for 4 hours…

Between the volcano and the sea…Napoli

Through the fog on the hills in Lazio

Calcata is magic…

ITALY…where else 😀

Marina’s art

The Magic Calcata…

The Magic Calcata….


Cypress Hill



5 Terre – Liguria

Legnaro – Liguria

Ruta – Liguria

Hills between Campania and Puglia

Only in Napoli you can find a hospital for dolls…

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