We’ve recently been to a supermarket in Italy and we bought some fruit (error number 1, to buy fruit and vegetables at the supermarket: most of the times is imported from abroad or transported thousand of kilometers, often picked not ripe, produced off season and paid nothing to the producers).
When we go to the supermarket, we are used to weigh the fruit and stick all the labels just on one plastic bag putting all the fruit together (e.g. 5 different fruit in one bag with 5 labels instead of using 5 different bags).
We arrive at the cashier, and she looks at us with an annoyed face like she just saw an horror movie scene right in front of her, telling us: “You cannot put all the fruit together, you have to use one bag for each fruit”.
Spontaneously I ask: “Why?” Don’t you think it’s a waste of plastic to use 5 different bags to transport 5 fruits for a 10 minutes trip home?” (in our case was a trip of 10 meters as our bikes=our home were parked right in front of the supermarket).
“Cos these are the rules of the supermarket” she answers exhaustively and proudly goes towards the fruit desk, where she starts to reweigh all the fruit, reprints 5 different labels, putting each fruit in 5 new bags and throwing in the bin my anomalous bag with 5 labels.

We than went to ask for the store manager, that explained us that “There is a specific interest in producing the plastic bags, we cannot do anything about it, this is the business.”
Well, we think that all this is INSANE.

We want to be more responsible and try to produce the least waste possible.
In our small reality (even if we travel by bicycle) we implemented the following “measures”:

1) If possible we don’t buy fruit and vegetables at supermarket
2) Leave home always with a reusable bag where to put the shopping
3) Don’t accept plastic bags!!! If at the fruit store they give us a plastic bag, we give it back and put everything in a cotton shopping bag
4) When we see trash in the nature, we pick up some and transport it to the nearest bin

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