These 1000 km lasted so long! We planned ahead to stop in Bulgaria for a while…and so it was! We spent there 3 months!

One of the targets of our trip is to use our time to learn new things. Since a while we are interested in agriculture so we decided to do a short experience “on the field”. We contacted a small organic farm through a “Wwoofing” website (which stands for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms”). Basically you work for 30 hours a week and instead of getting paid cash you get food and accommodation. Which we find so cool! You meet a lot of interesting people, you learn new things, you save money and you don’t use cash as a medium of exchange!
…so we were living for one month with Miriam and Alex, a couple of young Bulgarians (now with a daughter and a dog) that decided to dedicate themselves to organic farming. But real organic! Without using the so called “Bio” pesticide or fertilizers, only with manure, love  and a lot of sweat!! We have to say that we learned a lot during this time, not only by working on the field but also by living in a more sustainable way, using mainly seasonal products from the garden, preserves prepared during summer, drinking spring water…and waking up by the cock crow….

After that, we restarted cycling our way to Greece, where we also stopped for a while….how can you resist the beauty of Greek islands?? How?? Hoow!?