We were approaching the 3000th kilometer in a very touristic area on the coast of Vietnam. After cycling weeks in small villages where life is slow, simple and almost free of craving, we found ourselves a bit out of place being in areas entirely built for tourists, with luxury hotels and every sort of organized tour. In the areas where the mass tourism hits, we always found it difficult to create a contact with local people apart from denying a “free massage”, a “cocktail on special offer”, a “dinner for an unbeatable price”, “authentic local souvenirs -made in China-“ and even “bike tours around the city!”.

Our visa was expiring and we were still on the central coast of Vietnam, far from the border with Laos and China.

Our bikes needed a good maintenance in order to continue the trip and the bureaucracy of Vietnam to renew the visa was not encouraging us. After many stories about Italy of Andrea, we asked ourselves: “What if we (re)start cycling from Italy?”.

So, after one year of traveling between New Zealand and South East Asia, 20 minutes after that question, we had a plane ticket to Italy in the pocket!

Is it the end of a trip? The beginning of a new one? Or simply the continuation of a long journey?

….maybe all of the above…. 😉

Where will the Headwind blow? Towards the fascinating Orient? Towards the warmth of Africa or following the rhythm of South America?

Follow us and we will tell you along the way….. 🙂