Friends from the road

Patrizia, around the world on foot. We were cycling on an ugly busy highway in Turkey and we spotted a person under a white hat walking slowly under the heat. At first we thought it was a local walking with a trolley but no! She was Italian and traveling like us!! 🙂

Marine, Pierre, Lola, Myrtille, Nino. It’s not a racing team. It’s a family traveling on bicycle from France!! 2 adults and 3 kids of 5, 3 and 1 years old…How cool are they?? We’ve never seen a 5 years old cycling on a tandem before…and when we met them on a steep hill in Northern Turkey we couldn’t believe our eyes…  order Lyrica from canada

Oguz spotted us and our bikes in Kadiköy, Istanbul and offered us to stay at his place. What a great encounter, he shared with us so many cool stories. He cycled for two years from Istanbul to Thailand and he’s a superstar in Turkey. He is now planning his next trip to Mexico.

Sofia and Vinicius. Under the summer heat on the Marmara sea direction Istanbul we decided to camp on an unknown beach. We see two loaded bikes parked. We couldn’t believe we found another two travelers in such a random place. A loop from Europe to Africa to Europe to love.

Bastien, from France, traveling around the world going with the flow. With a fabulous self made space bike.
We met him in Kosovo together with Esteban, another French traveler 

Jenny and Rösi, cycling from Asia to Europe. Andrea met Jenny in Munich in 2015. At that time she never traveled by bike. But she seemed excited about it 🙂 After a couple of moths she was in Cambodia (click on the link to read her story). and after 6  months she was with Rösi cycling all the way from Asia to Europe. Isn’t it amazing!?!

Bike stores that you can trust


Genova: Cicli Cerati
Roma: Zio Bici
Benevento: Cicli Gilardi
Foggia: Spazio Bike

Munich: Velothek

Bangkok: Bok Bok Bike

Samsun: Moda Bisiklet

New Zealand
Richmond, Nelson: Avantiplus Richmond