Deltasone overdose What are your names?
Maria and Andrea.

buy provigil in south africa Where are you from?
source site M: I’m from Brazil.
A: From Italy.

online purchase of ashwagandha Where have you guys met?
M+A: We met in New Zealand.
A: I went to New Zealand with the main target of working in a really innovative Gelato shop; but as most of the times happens I changed plans and after receiving the job offer that I was looking for, I decided to continue traveling.
M: And I went to New Zealand cause I wanted to practice my poor English and then travel around South East Asia. So after 5 months we started traveling together by bicycle starting from Bangkok, Thailand!

What are your plans?
M+A: Mmmmh….plans? Very difficult to make some…. but we have many ideas for future and things that we would like to learn. For now we are on our bicycles enjoying slowly Asia and its people. But we would like to do the same in Africa, and than South America and…Europe 🙂

So, you would like to be everywhere in the world??
M+A: It’s not about being everywhere, it’s about experiencing the differences and learn. We are looking to learn something every day. And we would like to find a way to support people that have less possibilities than us.

What do you miss from home?
M: I don’t miss almost anything. Almost. But I miss my cats (they are living with my parents now…) I miss chatting with friends… My books :'(
A: Being living outside of my country since 11 years, I learnt how not to miss too much home. But when I think about Genova, I surely miss many things. The beautiful colors of the coast, the old town, my family, my friends and of course….the fantastic food. I speak about our food every day to Maria, I think she is dreaming “Pasta al pesto” at night.

When is your trip going to end?
M+A: We don’t really know and we don’t want to know 🙂 We left our jobs to have this freedom and now it’s good to be living it!